About the Renewable Energy & Environment Group
REG provides a fully comprehensive service, to help Homeowners, Commercial Property Owners & Developers, Schools, Housing Associations, Council Bodies and others reduce carbon emissions from existing buildings and new developments using Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltiac technology and established methods of Insulation.
Working alongside Energy or Facilities Managers, Architects and Surveyors we provide Planning Guidance, Design, Installation, Financing and long term Maintenance support to meet your planning or corporate social responsibility targets.

Our services include:
• Surveying
• Planning
• Estimating costs and returns
• Installation
• Maintenance
The Renewable Energy & Environment Group now offers leasing arrangements for larger installations to help spread the cost of investing in solar – ask us for details.
Renewable Energy & Environment Group is an independent renewable energy company, built upon over 10 years’ experience within the M&E and Construction Industry.

We provide our full range of services nationally. This ability to operate on a nationwide level also dovetails with many of our Bluechip clients' strategic ambitions to also offer their services nationally.

We now have a well established team of MCS installers across the country and can provide installations for any size of project.

Our strategy for the development of the company is based on organic growth, augmented by the selective acquisition of high calibre companies to strengthen our technical and geographical coverage.
Environment, Health and Safety is of paramount importance and all projects are planned and implemented with this firmly in mind.
What we do:

Renewable Energy Group provides multidisciplinary advice and services from in-house experts and selected partners on a wide range of site specific Solar PV, Solar Thermal and Insulation projects. In particular, we specialise in providing strategic services to both public and private sector clients as well as homeowners. Feel free to ask our advice at any time.

With a nationwide team of surveyors and qualified installers, REG is able to support our clients major project roll-outs across the UK.
How we do it:

REG listens to and understands its clients' needs and provides first class customer care and straightforward advice and services to both homeowners and corporate concerns.

We are also organised so that clients can regard all of our partners as a single resource pool, which can be deployed nationally so as to ensure that clients' get the right technical professionals for their projects. This enables projects to be completed as efficiently and as timely as possible.

For all projects we provide pre-tender planning & pricing assistance, engineer site surveys, detailed quotations, time-lines, schedules and site-specific method statements and risk assessments (MSRA).
It sounds like a lot of formalities, but it’s delivered by a friendly bunch who live and breathe their work. We provide our clients with commitment, quality and good value. We also foster long term relationships with our clients and their employees.
We look forward to working with you in 2011.

Please note – this is a rapidly emerging sector and for this reason is constantly in a state of change. All figures provided within this website are intended for guidance purposes only, and should be checked prior to making any form of commitment.
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Using state of the art PV Solar technology to generate electricity from the sun’s rays – REG Solar Electricity is an easily maintainable source of renewable energy.

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